13 Aug 2011

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12 Aug 2011

“It [recession] is a part of freedom.”
— Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), Republican co-chair of the debt-reduction Super Congress


12 Aug 2011


If there is one person I believe above all others, it’s Nate Silver. And based on recent polls he’s noticing something interesting, the current political climate puts the Republicans in exactly the same seat that Democrats were in mid 2009. The polling seems to be showing a possible Democratic majority in the House again.

All of a sudden I have a glimmer of optimism for 2012.


Here’s to hoping people actually get out and vote this time.

11 Aug 2011


“Yes, corporations are people, my friend. They’re like members of your family. Your Brother… fax machine. Your Uncle Ben. Your Aunt Anne. Your Mama Celeste. Your Go Daddy.”

STEPHEN COLBERT, on Mitt Romney’s shameless "corporations are people, my friend" remark, on The Colbert Report

At first, I couldn’t understand how Romney said that with a straight face.  Then ThinkProgress reported that he received more lobbyist contributions than the rest of the GOP field combined.  

Suddenly, it all makes sense.

11 Aug 2011

"We don’t make things in America anymore."


Well, we made 8 assholes and let them prattle on for two hours. 

11 Aug 2011

Um, back up a sec Bachmann


Raising the debt ceiling was NOT “giving Obama a blank check.” It was covering costs on money we already spent.

Also, she does understand that you can’t give someone a “blank check” for a specific amount right? The only blank checks I’m familiar with were the ones the Republican Congress gave the Bush administration to fight in Iraq

11 Aug 2011

“"One violence is enough" - Rick Santorum”
— Unless you’re woman who got raped.  Then it’s ok to be forced into carrying the pregnancy.

11 Aug 2011

Anti-gay rights Santorum criticizes Iran for being anti-gay.

11 Aug 2011

"It’s been going on and on, because we just don’t mind our own business." - Sen. Paul

^This.  Does the GOP want another war in the Middle East?  Sure seems that way.

11 Aug 2011

“Sir, the question is, are you now certain of the way forward in Libya?”
— Bret Baier, indulging in some testiness with Newt Gingrich, just like his co-moderator Chris Wallace has. Baier asked Gingrich to address his notorious flip-flop on the prospect of U.S. intervention in Libya (rated by PolitiFact as a “full-flop”), which Gingrich derided as a “gotcha” question. In this case, some words from Jon Stewart may be apt: “Just because the question gotcha doesn’t make it a gotcha question.” (via shortformblog)